Using Coupon Codes

Clipping coupons is not a thing of the past but it has changed today. Now, it’s gone digital and you can save on both products and services with coupon codes that you can get from right here at You don’t need to print anything and you don’t need to clip anything. It’s far easier than ever before. Here’s how it works.

When placing an order, look for a field where you can enter a coupon or promotional code. Most online retailers offer this option and it will show up when you’re checking out. Some of the most common discounts include things like “Free Shipping” or “10% Off” when you place an order over “x” amount of dollars.


Let’s take a look at the process so you understand just what you will see when trying to use your coupons and coupon codes online.

Here’s how it works:

Step One: Visit and look for the name of the domain where you’re making the purchase. For example, if you’re shopping at Amazon, look for on our site.

Step Two: Copy down the code for that domain to your clipboard. Then, you can go to the store where you want to shop by simply clicking on the “Show Coupon Code” and or “Click to Redeem” link from our site.


Step 3: Take your time and shop until you find something you want to purchase. Remember that this is not just about finding a great deal but it’s about finding a good deal on something you want or need anyway.

Step 4: When you get to the checkout process, look for the box where you can enter the promotional or coupon code. It appears during different steps of the checkout process depending on who you’re shopping with but it will be before you finalize the order. On some of the coupons, you do not have to put in a code. You can just redeem them automatically by clicking the link from our site.


Step 5: Copy and paste or type in the coupon code you saved when visiting our site and the discount will automatically be applied to your order. It’s that simple!

That’s how it works and it’s really that easy. You save money on the things you already want to purchase anyway. Who doesn’t want to save more money?